“M&E Building Services In A Grand Scale”

Roger N. Tiguelo

Dear Valued Clients and Colleagues,

We are now embarking in this present time, wherein business competitions, profitability targets, customer expectations, and government regulatory requirements are becoming more stringent than ever before. These key business operational elements are imposing more pressures and challenges to the owners, investors and key decision makers in every company to run their businesses healthier and continuously growing.

In the ever changing and highly demanding business environment, every company must adapt and find ways to overcome these challenges through proven strategies presently available in the industry. Generally, exceeding customer expectations is what the company sets apart from the other competitors.

This can be done by periodically streamlining business processes, enhancing operational strategies, setting realistic and attainable objectives, and providing effective policies to support each initiative.

M&E Building Services has played very vital roles in every company operations in achieving business objectives as it impacts significantly on costs, quality of service and sustainability of each project development. In a typical project, M&E Building Services contributes around 25 – 35% of the total construction costs and more than 50% in monthly building operational costs. These costs are greatly influenced by how the M&E Building Services System was being designed and maintained.

Given all these challenges, GRG PRIME Engineering Solutions, Co. has evolved and positioned ourselves to take the lead in supporting and helping every company by revolutionizing the traditional ways and norms. We don’t settle for what is good but we go beyond the standards as we believe that there are always better ways to do things without spending extra money. We guarantee to all our valued clients that our service take care for every cent of their money through our proven methods, systematic and unique engineering approach, and our indisputable integrity in the industry.

We offer our sincere and genuine intentions to our clients to achieve your business goals, and we also pride our company to become the prime Engineering Solutions provider in the country.